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Employer Testimonials

Here are a few of our remarkable employer testimonials:

"I have always found the Principal People / Social Housing Recruitment team as having a very personal approach with regular but not too frequent contact being made in order to determine my ongoing needs. 

Naz always take time to determine my specific needs as they arise and this certainly helps as the candidates who are then selected have without exception been well suited to the post.  Spending time to vet candidates properly is an onerous chore at the best of times and having this taken care of by the consultants is such a valuable service.

When filling a post there is regular contact right up to the placement date but also in the days and weeks that follow when the consultant is interested to hear how things are going.  This service is also provided to the successful candidate and all together makes the entire process a seamless one and helps guarantee a great outcome.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Principal People to any organisation seeking to fill a health and safety vacancy"

“I would like to heartily recommend Aleks and his business following some work that he has recently carried out for me on behalf of WM Housing Group. Aleks approached us with some fairly brave and ambitious claims and we eventually set him on in a quest to fill a very demanding and elusive role. Aleks has been the epitome of professionalism and has worked tirelessly to fulfil our needs, he has been readily available whenever we needed him and has always proven to be caring, sympathetic and attentive, not just to our needs as an organisation, but towards the candidates that he has referred.”

"I have worked with Principal People / Social Housing Recruitment on two large re-organisations within my department and found the candidates supplied by them to be of very high quality. Communication is excellent as they really listen to your specific needs. Candidates have also expressed to me their view that the support they are given in the recruitment process is far and away above that given by other agencies."

"I have been fortunate to use Principal People / SHR both as a recruiter and also more recently as an applicant. I first used Principal People / SHR in my previous role in order to source a new candidate for my team. Josh Huggins sent through a number of candidates whose CV’s were of a high calibre reflecting the exact person specification I required. Unfortunately due to a funding issue I was not able to pursue interviewing candidates, disappointing for not only myself but also Josh, who had spent a lot of time finding the right candidates.

In the later part of 2015, I was unfortunate to be made redundant – a complete shock and totally out of the blue. The timing of just before Christmas could not have been worse for me as all recruitment agencies I spoke to were winding down for the Christmas break, but not Principal People / SHR. I contacted Principal People / SHR and spoke to both Josh - asking him to find me a permanent role and also Naz Bhad who specialised in senior Interim / Contract roles. After being made redundant I was at an all time low, my confidence was knocked and I was panicking about my future. Josh or Naz rang me on a daily basis giving me an update with regards to them finding me a suitable role at the level I wanted. They made me aware of an interim role, which although not ideal at the time would allow me to earn money whilst paying the bills. What started off as a 3 month contract, then went to a 4 month contract, then led to a more senior permanent position which was secured for me by Principal People / SHR.

I've dealt with many recruitment agencies over the last few months and they either never returned calls, made me aware of roles that never materialised, offered me roles that were not suitable or made me feel like a cold caller whenever I rang them – but not Principal People. I cannot praise them enough in the way they treated me and helped me secure that permanent role – I would happily recommend them to those looking for the ideal candidate and those looking for their next new role."

 "A professional yet friendly service provided, with a good level of support and reliability."

“Principal People and Social Housing Recruitment are very professional, helpful and attentive. They take great care in matching opportunity seekers to suitable employment opportunities. The consultants have a bright and cheerful manner and are a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Principal People” 

“Out of all the contenders, your candidates are of the highest calibre and I would like to feed back that. For an agency, I am super impressed with how you manage recruitment. I have only received CVs that fit my criteria, I was fully involved at the outset as to my requirements and you have listened. So, thank you so much.”

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