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Contract & Interim Recruitment

Connecting you with the talent you need now.

Are you in need of an interim/contractor immediately?

We guarantee a fully qualified shortlist within 48 hours of accepting an assignment.

We understand that requirements can arise suddenly due to absenteeism, unexpected peaks in your business, skills shortages or simply an increased workload and we are able to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently.

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How it works

You only pay for the time they work
By taking on an interim / temporary worker, you only pay for the hours that the person completes. You can hire workers for the time periods you require – it is flexible to suit your demands and completely up to you.

We take care of all requirements
We can help with your daily and seasonal requirements, whether your need is one person for one day or an entire team for a long-term project.

All Interim / Temporary workers are checked and interviewed
To ensure both a skill and personality match, all of our temporary workers are thoroughly interviewed, reference checked and appropriately tested, before you meet them.

Our cutting edge, video interview software allows you to see the candidate virtually, allowing speed to hire where location or availability would normally get in the way.

To understand more about our Interim / Temporary recruitment and talent services, please contact us today.

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