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At Social Housing Recruitment we offer a knowledgeable and thorough service to secure you the right employees who will add value to your organisation for many years to come.

Through our years of experience, we understand that our job is to find people who not only have the right skills and experience, but most importantly have the personal attributes and behaviours to ensure the correct cultural match.

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A significant portion of the UK’s workforce are passive. Simply, this means that they are quite happy where they are, but would consider an external opportunity if it was exactly what they were looking for at that stage in their career.

We’ve built a world-class network of candidates who fall into this category and whilst are not actively applying for new opportunities; will engage with a recruitment partner who holds credibility due to the relationship that has been built over time.

We are fortunate enough not only to have a network of established professionals and new entrants to the Housing industry, but we are so often referred to other individuals to consider when we are recruiting.

In addition to this, we have a wide variety of cutting edge searching tools, to ensure we can assess the whole candidate landscape.

We take this work away from our clients, ensuring that rather than producing a shortlist of candidates; we present those who are the very best available at that point in time.

For all placements we offer rebate periods to protect and de-risk your investment.

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We specialise in Permanent placements, Contract & Interim placements and Executive placements within all Housing departments. Whether you are looking for a permanent Asset Manager or an Interim Fire Safety Surveyor or through to a CEO to join your organisation, we are here to help.